2017 State of the Union

Last year was a huge year for Unsung Sundays. We published thirty-eight issues, sixteen features (including three interviews and a video debut), four lists (a number we’d like to grow this year), and 189 album reviews.

Between all that, we also found time to launch our new website, and exponentially multiply our readers (by twenty times!).

2016 was a huge year for us.

This year, we want to double down on Unsung, and it means we’re going to be working hard on a lot of little stuff.

To start with, we’re no longer publishing weekly issues. This is a big organizational change; we’ve been publishing weekly issues since we started writing this site years ago. But our stats suggested that nobody actually used our issues as a way to browse the website — and to be honest, neither did we!

Moving away from publishing “issues” also allows us to be more flexible about our content schedule. So you can expect new reviews, features, and lists throughout the week instead of once a week now.

We’re going to continue sending our weekly newsletters every Sunday morning at 8am EST. Feedback on the newsletters has been very good, and people noticed when we went on hiatus this year and emailed to ask us where we’re going. Instead of new issues, these emails will be summaries of what was published on the site during the week.

If you’re not a newsletter subscriber, you should check it out here. It really is the best way to read Unsung Sundays.

We’re also going to spend more time this year migrating old reviews from our Tumblr blog, where we kept Unsung before migrating over to the new site. We didn’t get nearly as many of the old reviews on the new website as we wanted to in 2016, and we’re hoping we can do more of that in 2017.

This year, you can also expect a bevy of additions and improvements to the website (like a proper section for Videos!), as well as our first real logo.

Last year was a year of highly-publicized changes. 2017 is going to be a year of focused iteration, but we think you’re going to like where we’re going in the future. Keep an eye on this space.