A Brief Break

Unsung Sundays has been my baby for years. While freelancing at Wildfire Studios, I’ve been writing this magazine’s content, designing the website, and handling the publishing and promotion of this magazine every week.

I got married last summer. While I was away, my friend and occasional collaborator Jesse Virgil wrote the magazine for nearly a month. It was much appreciated.

Since then, it’s been a busy ride. This is the 150th issue of the magazine. In the past year, I’ve redesigned and developed this massive site, spoken with industry execs, and even entertained an acquisition offer. This constantly blows my mind, and I owe it to an amazing readership like you. So thank you for reading every issue. I have one of the highest open rates of any newsletter I’ve ever seen (an average of 50% or so), and one of the best click-through rates in the music industry (12% on average), which is astounding.

All that being said, I firmly believe every business, after a busy period, needs a time of reflection and introspection. As we enter the holiday season and as I publish this magazine’s 150th issue (again, !!!!), this is a good time to take that break.

Over the past year, I’ve written Unsung Sundays from different desks, couches, and beds across the country. I *love* this magazine. But I want to come back with a clear vision for the next year, and a refreshed sense of vision, focus, and purpose.

I plan on coming back to Unsung Sundays in the new year. If you’re interested in hearing about the next issue of Unsung, this is a great time to subscribe to the newsletter.

We’ll talk soon.

Nathan Snelgrove