Unsung Sundays is what you should be listening to. It’s a premium online magazine celebrating the unsung heroes in music: records that slipped beneath the radar or changed the game, and the artists who make them. New issues are published every Sunday morning and delivered to the inboxes of readers all over the world.

The Makers

Unsung Sundays is a publication created, produced, and designed by Wildfire Studios, a web design studio in Toronto. Contributors to the magazine include friends of the studio. The magazine is independently published, financed, and is free of charge to readers.

We are always looking for recording artists who’d like to be interviewed. If that interests you, contact us.

Site Writers

Nathan Snelgrove
Writer / Editor

Jesse Virgil

How To Support Unsung

If you’d like to contribute financially to Unsung Sundays, the easiest way to do so is to purchase recommended music using the iTunes and Amazon links in our reviews. Every purchase you make from either store within twenty-four hours of clicking a link will give us a small kickback. Thank you in advance.

Alternatively, if you’re impressed by this website, the best way to support us is to refer work to us. Unsung is one of our side projects at Wildfire Studios, and we love to treat our clients with the same level of care that we do this site. If you or somebody you know needs web design work, we’d love to connect with them.