The album art for Bath's Ocean Death


Ocean Death

On the opening track, Baths sings “I am the ocean” against a swirling, monolithic synth beat. It captures the record well: atmospheric hooks and trippy beats dominate this focused EP.

As far as electronic music goes, Ocean Death is one of those atmospheric trips that will really give you an experience. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s the most uplifting record I’ve ever heard, but but songs like the title track evoke a very specific feeling. They also manage to jam an awful lot into a short five-track EP. I also really like Fade White and Orator.

The album’s success lies in the group’s ability to perform atmospheric tracks within a synthetic, electronic genre. Each track fits a tone and atmosphere, and no two sound the same. What the band lacks in production they make up for with rich instrumentation that gives their lo-fi vocal work places to stretch out.