The album art for Broadcast's Tender Buttons


Tender Buttons

Tender Buttons heralded a change in Broadcast’s sound as they stripped the intricacies of their electronic pop to its simplest form possible.

Tender Buttons was a change for Broadcast when it first dropped — a little bit more “dream pop” and a little bit less “electronic pop”. The change was probably for the better, or at least it was in my opinion (although they were hardly a bad group before that).

In a lot of ways, Tender Buttons feels like an experiment in minimalism. While not out of place today, critics observed at the time that it felt like certain tracks were missing pieces. Now, we recognize this sound as a sort of minimalist shoe-gazing dream pop, but Tender Buttons feels like it was a psychedelic tour-de-force ten years ahead of its time.

The vocals on this record are in a particularly special place: thanks to minimalist production and a lack of other in-your-face instrumentation, the vocals really stand out. And their airy nature, but post-punk surroundings mean that this can fit in well next to Girlpool or Beach House.