The album art for The Capsules' The Long Goodbye

The Capsules

The Long Goodbye

The fifth album from The Capsules sees the band embracing direct synth pop in an effort to focus on their strengths: simple melodies and unbeatable vocal hooks.

I am really digging this record. It’s one of those records you can put on and just keep in the background while you work. Super Symmetry, for example, is one of those tracks that sounds exactly like its title. In that sense, the record is almost monotonous in its effort to present simple tracks, undiluted by the complexity of rich acoustic instrumentation.

It offers great choruses on songs like You Are a Metaphor, but it’s hard to say the record will catch on — the word that keeps coming back to me while I listen is “niche”. You probably already know if this sort of indie synth pop appeals to you. With slow builds like The Long Goodbye interspersed throughout, this album is both enjoyable and predictable — the Capsules aren’t breaking any new ground, but they are capturing a certain sound with magnificent aplomb.