The album art for Cloud Nothings' Here and Nowhere Else

Cloud Nothings

Here and Nowhere Else

Here and Nowhere Else is the sound of a punk band harnessing their youth and embracing it with vigour: it’s as celebratory as Japandroids, but it somehow arrives somewhere more mature. For punk music, that’s quite the feat.

It’s not too often that we get a great punk record these days. Most of them are too poppy, or too thrashcore (which is an awful term to describe hardcore punk with vintage thrash metal aesthetics). The last great punk album I heard was Celebration Rock by Japandroids, but Here And Nowhere Else is great.

Now Hear In might sound noisy, but there’s a shouted melody to it that never descends into anything obnoxious. And yet the punk energy is there all the way throughout. Psychic Trauma isn’t just a bunch of guys smashing some drums and power chords, and while Pattern Walks ends up getting heavier than some listeners might feel comfortable with, it’s immediately followed up with the more radio-friendly I’m Not Part Of Me.

It’s hard to find a track I dislike, and while I might not be throwing this on at house parties like I did with Celebration Rock for a while, this is going to get some heavy rotation in the car with the window rolled down. I think my favourite track is Quieter Today.