The album art for the Foo FIghter's St. Cecilia EP

Foo Fighters

St. Cecilia EP

The newest EP from the Foo Fighters, Saint Cecilia, is one of their best efforts in years. It's short and sweet, but loaded with fantastic riffs and great moments that make it feel like a trek through the best that Dave Grohl and co. have ever offered.

I feel bad recommending Foo Fighters on Unsung, because they definitely don’t need my help to remain popular. And in all the words that have been written about Saint Cecilia, I doubt mine will add anything of serious merit to the conversation. So I’ll try to keep it short.

I will say this: Saint Cecilia is not only the best record of any sort that Foo Fighters have released since Wasting Light in 2010, it’s also a near-perfect summation of their entire career thus far, with each song representing some aspect of their developing style over the past twenty years nearly perfectly.

And that’s what makes this EP so great: not only is it totally free to download (if you’re still not streaming music like the rest of us), it’s also an incredible listen. For reference, if this wasn’t available to stream, it would be the album I’d purchase this week. I’ve already listened to it about twenty times. My wife loves it, my colleagues love it, and it’s barely had any time off since Monday.