The album art for Foy Vance's Joy of Nothing

Foy Vance

Joy of Nothing

Foy Vance’s Joy of Nothing is a wonderful record that easily lives up to all of its hype.

Foy Vance’s music is adult alternative country folk pop sort of amalgamated into a single whole. My parents could listen to this with no problem. But he’s got a velvety voice and some insanely catchy tunes, so I don’t feel bad recommending him at all.

Listen to Closed Hand, Full of Friends. The chorus is as adult alternative pop as it gets, but who cares? This is seriously catchy. I could listen to this song on repeat.

Thankfully, Foy’s not writing catchy anthems constantly: the title track is great too, and definitely sadder. You and I is one of those male/female country duets, but it’s better than it ought to be. Janey is catchy and enthusiastic, and Paper Prince seems to glide with a glossy pop quality that somehow reminds me of some of Foo Fighters’ quiet songs (and might be my favourite on the album).

On It Was Good, Foy is doing some of my favourite tricks, dancing around with his voice and the guitar interlocking together. It’s cool. Guiding Light, the final track, features Ed Sheeran. Nothing I can say gives this album more stronger credit than simply saying it features Ed Sheeran.