The album art for Gwenno's Y Dydd Olaf


Y Dydd Olaf

Perhaps most impressive about Gwenno’s debut as a solo singer is that, despite the language barrier (she sings in Welsh) and the album’s concept (Y Dydd Olaf is immensely political), it remains incredibly approachable as a pop record.

Another foreign language record this week: Gwenno’s Welsh record, Y Dydd Olaf, is a beautiful piece of synth atmosphere with her haunting vocals on top. Formerly of Pipettes fame (if you can call the Pipettes famous), Y Dydd Olaf is her second solo release since leaving the group.

I’m not actually familiar with the Pipettes (so that could be a recommendation next week), but I really like this record. As far as indie synth pop goes, it’s full of haunting atmosphere and delicious bass noodling. Despite its unfamiliar language, it feels intimate and welcoming. This is great music to work to, or to absorb slowly and carefully — like you might do with an Enya record.