The album art for Hollerado's White Paint


White Paint

Hollerado’s newest record is one of the most exuberantly joyful and exciting indie rock records of the year, stuffed with top-notch tracks from beginning to end.

I’ve been listening to these guys for a little while, but was reminded of their existence again when they played a free show at my local university. Hollerado is one of Canada’s most exciting and energetic indie rock bands: filled with promise, these guys are capturing the raw energy of punk and infusing it into an indie music project.

White Paint is the band’s second album, and it’s ballsy. Stuffed with big, hummable choruses, and bold riffs, the album is the perfect progression from their debut. Polished, professional, but still energetic and raw, Hollerado can do no wrong here. Each song is catchy and seemingly fine-tuned for the live experience.

The big single from the record, Pick Me Up, is the last track, which is a great sign of quality all the way through. Almost every song is memorable, and some of them — like Don’t Think — cover so many musical ideas that they feel like two songs. Unlike some groups who attempt that kind of variety, the album never overextends its welcome. Even by the end of the album, Pure Emotion and Fresno Chunk (Digging With You) are still riff-happy indie tracks that are as catchy as all get out. So It Goes and Thanks for the Venom are both underrated tracks, and Lonesome George is a lovely halfway point. This album literally does nothing wrong and gets everything right. Highly recommended. (Also, the album art is super cool. Just saying.)