The album art for Jon Hopkins' Immunity

Jon Hopkins


Jon Hopkins’ Immunity is a brilliant, symphonic record filled with slow-burners and glitchy moments.

In the realm of glitch music, this little unknown gem is one of 2013’s best. Jon Hopkins’ Immunity is chalk-full of tracks that will both inspire and dazzle you, and each track is loaded with electronic beats that will mesmerize and confound you. I’d be hard-pressed to find a better example than We Disappear, the first track off the record.

Each of the tracks here is pretty long, with the longest one six seconds shy of twelve minutes, but it’s worth a listen all the way through with good headphones on. Like all great glitch music, Hopkins is writing songs that build and layer intricately, getting lost in repetition like your favourite techno.

While a lot of people love tracks like Collider and Form By Firelight, which are really glitchy, I prefer the moments where Jon pulls back a little bit. Form By Firelight actually has some great moments where he explores quieter sections, but I could live in Breathe This Air’s more somber moments and the quiet build of Immunity. (Actually, Immunity might be enough to bring some of us to tears. Something about the piano as it builds over glitchy sound effects is just so emotionally powerful.)

If you need good work music, or simply want to be blown away by a quiet hour spent wearing good headphones and listening to fascinating music, you’d be hard-pressed to find better.