The image for Lotus Plaza's The Floodlight Collective

Lotus Plaza

Floodlight Collective

Lotus Plaza’s shoe-gaze is laid-back and open-hearted on The Floodlight Collective, and the organic production style makes the record feel more inviting than many of their contemporaries and peers.

Lotus Plaza’s lo-fi indie sound differs from their contemporaries because it’s not afraid to sound like lazy Sunday music, which makes it perfect for the Monday of a long weekend. This is chill music, without the supposed prerequisite commercial sheen, and it’s as inviting (if not more so) than most of the music their peers are making.

Getting rid of the sheen helps make the music feel more approachable, as if you’re listening to some of your friends have fun in a garage. Does that mean these guys pose a threat to the success of Beach House? Probably not. But they offer something the big shoe-gazers don’t: a little bit of intimacy.