Album art for Ludovico Einaudi's Elements

Ludovico Einaudi


Ludovico Einaudi's Elements is a modern classic of a classical record, which reveals his depth at a composer and his ability to give sonic texture to "the edges of things," as he described it. It's rare that a classical composer can make a record this utterly compelling, and rarer still that it feels so human in its attempt to describe the indescribable.

Elements is a dreamy classical record, the likes of which only Ludovico Einaudi can write. This is possibly his most complete record to date, which is incredible considering the tremendous body of work that he’s given the world thus far.

What’s impressive is how the different musical pieces in Elements all represent grasping at something new, something not totally understandable — creation myths, colour, the edge and shapes of our landscape — and presents it as a fully-orchestrated and masterfully-conducted whole.

Einaudi’s work is highly cinematic — as beautiful as anything Zimmer or Howard Shore will ever do. This record takes you on a journey. Close your eyes and listen to it carefully, and you’ll be transported to another place. A place where your imagination can go wild.

Einaudi may have produced the best classical record of the past two years. It’s beautiful, organic, tense, and authentic music from one of the world’s best living composers.