The album art for Majical Cloudz' Are You Alone

Majical Cloudz

Are You Alone?

Majical Cloudz' Are You Alone? is a contemplative, introspective record that sounds like approaching autumn. It's quiet and calm, almost at peace with its sadness, but it is sad and lonely. It's not a danceable electronic record, but it's a record of electronic textures. And it's beautiful.

With a name like Majical Cloudz, I was not expecting a sound like this. What I expected was some sort of EDM-like dance pop. In actuality, these guys feel more like Chet Faker crossed with synth-influenced pop. I’ve seen this called art-pop, which is a much better description than the bland “electronic” description they get in iTunes.

Devon Walsh’s voice really carries this project. He’s one half of this musical duo, but I get the feeling that Majical Cloudz is really his baby. His voice is fantastic, but the mood of the whole thing really sets the band apart. This is a contemplative record obsessed with loneliness, and it’s beautifully morose.

While this wouldn’t be my Monday morning listening, it absolutely is something I’d put on when I’m feeling a little introspective. It’s honest and real, despite its synth origins. Highly recommended.