The album art for The Paper Kites' States

The Paper Kites


The Paper Kites’ debut record is a standout lo-fi indie rock record that’s as enthralling as it is relaxed. States reminds us that rock doesn’t always have to be loud to get its point across.

It’s Sunday. Not only are you sick and tired of the energy I’m probably communicating throughout this whole post, but you’re just looking for some nice music to relax to. Today, I’ve got you covered. A friend of mine shared this band with me, and they’re just too good not to pass along. The Paper Kites are more chill than anything else you’ll hear this week.

Listen to Malleable Beings. If you want to be taken to another place, one far away from the world of work and responsibilities, and one where you can just be, I dare you to find a song better than this. This whole album is like a dream.

Some of the songs are reminiscent of great bands. Listen to A Lesson From Mr. Gray — the song reminds me so much of vintage U2 that it’s uncanny. I’m absolutely in love with the whole thing. Young is also a fantastic song with a really catchy chorus. It reminds me a bit of Simon And Garfunkel, as far as its dynamics go. When Christina, the female singer, is given the lead on songs like Cold Kind Hand, the album takes on a whole different twist.

Despite its laid back nature, States is filled with variety. Personally, in the later half of the album, I’m a sucker for Tenenbaum. This group is really enjoyable. States is the first record from The Paper Kites, and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.