The album art for Steve Hauschildt's Where All Is Fled

Steve Hauschildt

Where All Is Fled

Steve Hauschildt is, by a considerable margin, the most consistent and recognizable former member of Emeralds, and he doesn’t disappoint with his latest record. Where All Is Fled is dazzling atmospheric electronic that reveals both Hauschildt’s technical chops and songwriting abilities.

Steve Hauschildt’s record is a masterwork of electronic ambience, lulling the listener from beginning to end with the gentle sound of synths. The record is completely vocal-less and entirely enchanting. It at once reminds me of the Gone Girl soundtrack, but is so much more entertaining and enthralling, with much more to offer as a stand-alone piece of part (quite a compliment if you knew how I feel about Trent Reznor’s soundtrack work).

While I wouldn’t recommend Hauschildt’s record for those of us who are in need of a cup of coffee, I would recommend it as excellent background music for your cup of coffee. Or your Sunday reading. Or your Monday to Friday work schedule. Or even to fall asleep to. Hauschildt’s imaginative record deserves to be embedded in your skull as often as possible.