The album art for Summer Twins' Limbo

Summer Twins


Summer Twin's new LP Limbo is a fantastic garage record that's listenable and approachable even for fans of pop music thanks to an overt surf rock influence. Great production quality doesn't get in the way of the duet's quirky personality.

Limbo is an angelic record from Summer Twins. From the first track to the last, it’s a joy to listen to all the way through. It initially sounds as if you’re going to be listening to a pop record, but when the guitar line of Demons comes in, you realize you’re listening to a record with a lot of punk and old-school rock heritage.

Summer Twins are a duet, actually. Chelsea does guitar work and vocals, and Justine does drum work and vocals. So in that sense, the twins aren’t unlike White Stripes or Black Keys or any of those awesome two-person bands. The difference seems to be in a massive west coast influence that adds a huge degree of charm to their music.

So far, I’ve listened to this record in the following scenarios, where it was well-received by everybody else nearby:

  • playing board games (Catan, to be specific), where it was enjoyed by my wife, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, and father-in-law, who are all becoming much too picky about music, so this was a welcome relief.
  • working in the studio (I was the only person present in this scenario, but the music was very well-received)
  • driving
  • cooking supper
  • eating South African pancakes for breakfast

As you can no doubt tell, this is a wonderful record suited for a variety of occasions. I’d recommend it for whatever situation you’re in right now. Go listen to it.