The album art for The Japanese House's Pools To Bathe In EP

The Japanese House

Pools To Bathe In

The Japanese House electrify on their first EP, sounding incredibly human despite their electronic backing tracks. While they haven't discovered their niche within the genre, they're definitely an artist to watch.

On The Japanese House’s latest release, Apple Music called them an electrifying discovery for 2015. Well, they clearly missed out on their earlier EP this year: Pools to Bathe In. It’s one of the best EPs I’ve heard all year.

Apple summarizes their style as electronic folk, but I think that betrays it a little bit. These four songs are beautiful and calming displays of electronic ambient music. It’s like the folks behind Fleet Foxes decided to sing choral arrangements overtop of electronic music: it’s layered, gorgeous synth.

What makes The Japanese House so compelling is that, beneath all the layering and autotune work, there’s a clear soul. This isn’t a quality unique to The Japanese House — it’s been a visible trend in electronic music for a couple years — but The Japanese House excels at pairing it with a sense of minimalism that really puts a focus on the vocal arrangements. So while the music is clearly electronic, it sounds incredibly human and organic.

I think these guys have a good thing going and I can’t wait to hear more.