The album art for Urban Cone's Our Youth

Urban Cone

Our Youth

Urban Cone feels destined for greatness: Our Youth shimmers with pop songs that are begging to be danced to, and are nothing less than shiny, shimmery stunners.

As far as catchy dance music goes, it doesn’t get any better than Urban Cone’s music. I’m surprised I haven’t heard a lot of Kings & Queens on the radio; it has a danceable beat and a chorus that sticks in your head like peanut butter.

If I had to pick my own preferred single from the record, I’d choose Urban Photograph, which is catchy but still dynamic. That being said, I’m pretty sure Freak is the actual single, and it’s not a bad choice — like one commenter on Rdio said, it’s “9 words over and over.”

I love Kids & Love, which is just beautiful. And We Should Go To France is just so catchy and involving, while Winter’s Calling tugs on the heart. Urban Cone sounds amazing with big speakers and is just great to dance to. I can’t recommend it highly enough.