Album art for Worriers' Imaginary Life


Imaginary Life

Worriers’ debut full-length record is an immense, shimmering debut that surprises and enchants with a unique style and fun jams. As newcomers onto the indie rock and punk scene, their delightful blend of the two styles leaves nothing to be desired.

It’s no secret that I love female-led indie alt-punk groups, and Worriers is no different. This is a bouncy, fun record that’s just a blast and a half. There’s no other way to describe it.

All of the riffs are just fun. But this is a band that knows their biggest strength is their vocalist, so all they do is support her. And it works so well.

Every song is catchy and fun, and even though it’s not an inspirational record, the sense of joy throughout is palpable. This band is just happy to be making music, and it shows. I love this record.