Julia Carlucci’s Video for “Take Me Down”

Julia Carlucci’s video for “Take Me Down” doesn’t break new artistic ground. But the video simply nails the concept, and captures a remarkably pure performance.

Carlucci’s catchy pop song captures the old-school Hollywood vibe of La La Land. I’m a sucker for any video that predominantly features a bunch of saxes and trumpets, and Carlucci’s video is a winner. The production is top-notch and the music just has an old-school vibe that totally slays.

I do, however, wish the video was in black and white. Just to complete the art style.

Julia Carlucci is a pop singer from Toronto, so I can’t pass up the opportunity to represent my city. “Take Me Down” is her first single to start gaining notoriety on Spotify, and it’s a well-deserved success.

An image of Julia Carlucci

Julia Carlucci is a pop singer from Toronto.