Introducing Unsung Sundays

Today, I’m launching Unsung Sundays, a curated music discovery site with one post every Sunday at 8am EST. It’s not like any other music blog you’ve ever read. Instead of full album reviews, I’ll be posting blurbs about whatever awesome tunes have captured my attention recently. This isn’t about what’s new. It’s about what’s good. If I feel like recommending the new City and Colour record, I will. If I feel like recommending Beastie Boy’s Licensed to Ill, I’ll do that too.

There are lots of music blogs that keep up with new music, and they do a far better job than I ever could. This is just about recommending music I think is great. Whether I want to recommend two albums or eight albums, this is just about whatever I think you should be listening to for the next seven days.

I want to take this moment to address a few questions you might have.

Why should I read your music blog? What do you know?
I’m glad you asked. For years, I’ve been that guy in any social group. I’m the guy who knew who Of Monsters and Men were before their debut album dropped in North America. I was the part-time worker blaring Jack White’s Blunderbluss a week before it came out in an ice cream store. I’m the dude who always won his friends free drinks at the bar’s music trivia nights. If friends are throwing house parties, I’m making the playlist and passing out music recommendations all night long. I’ve released my own music, fronted my own band and tried the rock and roll lifestyle firsthand. I’ve been on both sides of the stage at the CD release parties. In short: I’ve been recommending awesome music to people for as long as I can remember. This is just a more public way for me to do it.

Why Sunday?
I’m subscribed to a lot of different blogs. All of them update during the week, and some of them also update on Saturdays. None of the blogs I keep up with post much on a Sunday. That means it’s a day you’ll have nothing else to read. And I want to make updates as predictable as possible, that way we’ll both have something to look forward to on Sunday morning. And grabbing new music on Sunday seems to be a natural way to get through workweek.

Every Sunday?
Yes, unless Sunday falls on a major holiday (think Christmas or New Year’s) or there’s a major event (the Superbowl with God in attendance).

I have some music I’d like you to recommend.
I can’t make any guarantees I’ll post it, but the best way to get my attention is on Twitter. The artist must have a purchasable release available on iTunes or Amazon for me to consider them (I want everybody to be able to support musicians).

What’s the best way to follow Unsung Sundays?
I’ve tried to make sure Unsung Sundays fits into your lifestyle as easily as possible, but the best way to follow along is by subscribing to the email newsletter. It goes out once a week and includes all the posts you’ll find in the issue. Alternative, if email isn’t your thing, here’s a few options on social media:

Do you make any money off this?
I don’t. This is something I’ve put together for fun. That being said, any Amazon or iTunes link I share on the blog is an affiliate link, which means I get a small kickback for referring you if you use them. If you’d like to support me, the easiest way for you to do so is to purchase your music by using my links. (Clicking any of my links and buying anything in their stores during that session, regardless of whether or not you purchase my recommended music, also sends me a small kickback.) The goal here isn’t to monetize you; a link will never take you to a retailer unless it explicitly says as much.

If you ever use my affiliate links, please let me know. I’d love to thank you personally.

My question wasn’t answered and I’m not on Twitter. How can I get in touch with you?
Send me an email and I’ll do my best to respond to you.

Like all 1.0 releases, expect the website to change over time. Unsung Sundays is different, but I’m confident you’ll like what you see. Here goes.