Issue 132

This week’s issue features Band of Skulls, Thrice, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and more.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

Dreamland is a delightful sophomore record from sibling duo Wild Belle — a pop record that feels more diverse and more sensual than almost all its contemporaries. Read more.

For newcomers to Grateful Dead, Day of the Dead offers a large variety of cover tracks that will nurse an appreciation for the band. For fans, reliving these moments through other bands reminds us of the Dead’s staying power. Read more.

Far from a sophomore slump, The Ride feels like a joyous celebration of everything the post-punk revival scene stands for in one exuberant album. Read more.

Thrice’s comeback album is as good as anything they’ve made in the past, and spends much of its time hearkening back to their older tracks and style. Read more.

Band of Skulls’ debut album is still the band at their most charming, most inventive, and most playfully unique within the trappings of their blues rock influences. Read more.