Issue 134

This week, we chat with Fantastic Negrito and listen to new records from bands like Gojira, Weaves, Puggy, and more.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

The debut album from Weaves is a delightful riff on bands like Pixies and Velvet Underground, and certainly one of the best debut albums of the year. Punk-y alt-rock hasn’t sounded this good since Nirvana. Read more.

The new Gojira record is their best in a while, and perhaps the best metal record album of the year at the moment. A streamlined sound and emotional weight make it an easy recommendation, even for non-metal fans. Read more.

The debut album for The Shelters is a Tom Petty-produced slab of vintage guitar pop that brings the genre into the modern world with a sense of style. Read more.

Kaytranada’s debut album feels almost conservative compared to some of the more aggressive electronic releases this year, but it’s such a polished album that it’s impossible to ignore. Read more.

Puggy’s third album continues the group’s penchant for catchy alt-pop hooks and fun dance tracks that will appear to people who are tired of constant synths. Read more.