Issue 136

This week includes ALA.NI, Fear of Men, Jon Cleary, Shura, Your Boy Tony Braxton, and a new video from Snack Cat.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

ALA.NI’s debut feature-length record is from a different era: one that was more innocent. Despite that sound, she never feels anything less than authentic – and she never sounds less than inspired. Read more.

Shad’s first record as Your Boy Tony Braxton is a pleasant surprise and a breath of fresh air. Humorous and sincere, Adult Contempt sounds like a man who’s free to make what he wants to make. The results are liberating. Read more.

On Fall Forever, Fear of Men have refined their dream pop sound and made it more accessible — while reaching for the throne of the genre. Read more.

On her debut album, Shura is releasing the sort of confident pop music the world needs more of. With the trappings of a big-budget pop record and the soul of a singer/songwriter album, Nothing’s Real is a statement. Read more.

Jazz is a genre best listened to live. Mo Hippa is an excellent set of live tracks from one of New Orleans’ masters and his accompanying band. Read more.

Quick Hits

Videos & Singles We Dig

Snack Cat premieres the new video for their song, "Fade," on Unsung Sundays.