Issue 137

This week includes Andy Shauf, GØGGS, JPNSGRLS, Michael Kiwanuka, Charlotte Cardin, and Orijin.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

Recently longlisted for the Polaris Music Prize, Andy Shauf’s The Party is a wonderful indie folk record that captivates the same way Elliot Smith or Paul Simon records do. Read more.

Michael Kiwanuka’s sophomore record is an utter joy from beginning to end. Great songwriting and performances abound and create one of the best traditional soul experiences of the year. Read more.

With eleven tracks that are almost completely stuffed with one headbang-worthy riff after the next, even if they completely clash. JPNSGRLS are intentionally messy — and because of that, Divorce works. Read more.

Charlotte Cardin has an impeccable voice that she puts to use on a sensual, French jazz-influenced pop EP that’s beautifully (and hauntingly) performed. Read more.

GØGGS’ debut is another unrelenting entry in Ty Segall’s canon, but that’s not a bad thing. GØGGS rips from beginning to end. It’s a real, no-compromise punk record. Read more.

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Videos & Singles We Dig

Orijin's newest music video is perfect for those of us who can't get enough Pokémon Go in our lives.