Issue 139

This week includes the new Wild Beasts record, Australian disco from Kylie Auldist, post-modern takes on jazz, and a soul/pop singer to die for.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

Five albums in, Wild King continue to fearlessly reinvent themselves with sounds and experiments that have the pulse of Radiohead and the charm of dance rock. Read more.

Channel the Spirits, the debut full-length album from The Comet Is Coming, is the place where new-age jazz and psychedelic art rock meet. It’s beautiful, unique, and altogether a new experience. Read more.

Australian soul singer Kylie Auldist’s fourth solo record delves deep into 80s disco. Family Tree is an utterly joyful album of nonstop fun. Read more.

Japanese band Tokyo-chutei-iki’s take on jazz is utterly irreverent: this thirteen-member all-sax band doesn’t care about your expectations — but because of that, they truly understand the pulse of the jazz genre. Read more.

You might be familiar with Grace’s voice thanks to the prominence of “You Don’t Own Me” in certain Suicide Squad trailers, but her debut record covers much broader pop ground. Read more.