Issue 105

This week, we think about Nikes with Frank Ocean and swim in murky waters with Lisa Hannigan — and hear exciting new debuts from up-and-coming indies.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

Frank Ocean returns after four long, silent years with two albums in one week. As usual, his music is spectacular, but it turns out what we really missed and really needed was his perspective. Read more.

Three albums into her solo career, Lisa Hannigan performs her most beautiful music yet on At Swim — a deeply metaphorical folk record with a massive undertow. Read more.

Kaleo’s debut full-length record is an intriguing and eclectic mix of American blues rock and traditional Icelandic music — and largely because of its self-inflicted identity crisis, it’s hard not to recommend it. Read more.

Authentic folk rock the likes of which Mumford & Sons never made. Your bluegrass-loving father would love this, but you’re missing out if you don’t give Union Duke a try. Read more.

Joseph’s I’m Alone, No You’re Not’s folk-influenced pop might be this summer’s clear indie darling — and it feels like they’re barely breaking a sweat. Read more.