Issue 143

How Frank Ocean is saving music, and the new records from Glass Animals and De La Soul — along with so much more.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

Glass Animals’ sophomore record is a sensational effort that builds on the successes of their debut and expands their musical vocabulary. Read more.

On and the Anonymous Nobody…, De La Soul partners with a large roster of friends and records some of their most aspirational and imaginative hip hop yet — but the album’s true power is how it inspires us to chase our own dreams. Read more.

On their self-titled debut, members of Sloan, The Inbreds, and Super Friendz prove a supergroup doesn’t have to be a gimmick. Read more.

Watsky’s abilities as a rapper approach mastery on x Infinity. Calling him a rapper is almost an insult; on his fourth record, Watsky is a vocal and lyrical technician. Read more.

Goodbye June’s new EP is astonishingly good, real rock and roll that lands somewhere between the aggression of hardcore punk and the approachability of crossover pop. Read more.