Issue 146

Is Wilco Schmilco? Also: Beach Baby’s debut, Ben Wendel looks back, Groenland gets better, and why you should look forward to La La Land.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

If last year’s Star Wars was Wilco’s surprise party record, Schmilco feels like its lonely complement. Schmilco is an often sad record reminiscent of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Read more.

Groenland’s sophomore album elevates the band from quirky indie pop musicians to potential indie pop stars. It’s an indie pop record we can all embrace. Read more.

Beach Baby’s debut record shows off an impressive talent with a lot of rock swagger — and might be the shot in the arm that indie rock needs this year. Read more.

Ben Wendel doesn’t reinvent jazz on What We Bring, but he takes a carefully considered look at where the genre’s been and where it’s going. What We Bring is a stylistically gorgeous record that’s influenced by both John Coltrane and modern indie rock. Read more.