Issue 147

Fall is here. We celebrate with Bon Iver, Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, Opeth, and more.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

We’re as excited about the new Bon Iver album as you are — and trust us when we say it was worth the wait. 22, A Million is a game changer. Read more.

Two brilliant minds from The Walkmen and Vampire Weekend come together to make one of the year’s best and most inventive records. Read more.

More than twenty-five years into their career, it feels like a sin to call Opeth a metal band. Sorceress continues their trip into experimental prog rock, and the band finally sounds comfortable. Read more.

An intoxicating debut from a spellbinding neo-soul artist, Blisters is a captivating group of songs that blend minimalism, gospel, and R&B. Read more.

Gold Complex’s debut EP is a fun soul pop EP that shows a lot of potential. Read more.