Issue 152

2017 gets off to a strong start with new music from Surfer Blood, Cloud Nothings, SUSTO, and Japandroids.

Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

Life Without Sound is another surprise from Cloud Nothings — a band who consistently defies expectations. This time around, the band pursues a more tuneful punk sound. Read more.

Even if you haven’t played the game, the soundtrack for No Man’s Sky covers two discs of utterly engrossing electronic ambience and pulsing moods. Read more.

Japandroids’ newest album is more diverse and mature than their previous records, but the music is all the better for it. Read more.

Dan Rico’s first solo effort has a garage quality that’s reminiscent of artists like Prince, but also has a delightfully fun lo-fi old-school punk vibe to it. Read more.

SUSTO’s sophomore record is recklessly ambitious, but the band executes on their vision so well that the album’s comparable to The War on Drugs’ or Sturgill Simpson’s best efforts. Read more.