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Classified is one of Canada’s best rappers, and Hitch Hikin’ Music is best record. Fun and funny in turns, with an air of confidence that isn’t over-the-top or subtle, Classified feels unique in a genre of copycats. Read more.

The Paper Kites’ debut record is a standout lo-fi indie rock record that’s as enthralling as it is relaxed. States reminds us that rock doesn’t always have to be loud to get its point across. Read more.

A long-forgotten Phoenix record, Alphabetical is a classic that proves the band didn’t come out of nowhere. Every song on this record, as different from Wolfgang Amadeus as they are, is an absolute treat. Read more.

Despite how unknown they are, The Submarines continue to get better with every release. Love Notes/Letter Bombs is a standout album from an indie rock band that’s far too ignored. Read more.

Magpie and the Dandelion isn’t necessarily the best Avett Brothers record, but the band still retains their identity despite the addition of more production gloss. Read more.