Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

St. Paul & the Broken Bones feel like a success story waiting to happen: Half the City is a stupendous debut from a soul band who are dying to blow your mind in concert, and trying to mimic that experience on record. Read more.

Kind of Blue is one of jazz’s best: it’s not afraid to challenge norms, defy expectations, and explore in a voyage to discover something new and ask questions about what jazz can do for the soul. An absolute classic. Read more.

Ledges is refreshing compared to much of the folk rock on the air now. By stripping it back to basics and telling us stories, Noah Gundersen makes the genre feel fresh again on his feature-length debut. Read more.

Love Letters is an unexpected twist for Metronomy, and one that takes a few listens to absorb — but it also feels like a step in an important new direction for the band. Read more.

On Yellow Ostrich’s third album, the band has fully grown into the experimental art rock band they always wanted to be. Cosmos holds up to repeated listens and deep scrutiny. Read more.