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With Part 2 of Strangers, RAC have released a second half that’s quieter and more introspective than its predecessor — the after-party to Part 1’s dance jams. Read more.

Here and Nowhere Else is the sound of a punk band harnessing their youth and embracing it with vigour: it’s as celebratory as Japandroids, but it somehow arrives somewhere more mature. For punk music, that’s quite the feat. Read more.

Cate Le Bon’s third album is ceaselessly charming despite her dissatisfaction with everything — or maybe just her deep desire to use her old coffee mugs again. Read more.

Ski Lodge’s debut has an earnest sincerity to it that outdoes many of their indie pop peers. Thankfully, they write good music too. Read more.

Fear Of Men’s first album sounds like an experiment, and it’s as fragmented as its title claims. Fear of Men isn’t in a rush, but it feels like the beginning of something new. Read more.