Heavy Rotation

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7Horse has a unique brand of rock and roll that, despite the median age of its band members, is refreshingly original and invigoratingly youthful. Read more.

Built on Glass is a stunning debut from Chet Faker that comes completely out of nowhere. Tinged with soul, Built on Glass packs a punch musically and emotionally. Read more.

No Better Time Than Now feels like Shigeto is finally expanding his vocabulary and seeking to create his own identity. Read more.

Rain Dog’s Two Words is an electronic record that ditches vocal performance for a focus on samples from movies. As a result, it shakes the shackles of traditional downtempo bass electronic and feels inventive and original. Read more.

Said the Whale’s electronic remixes of some of their music don’t feel like they exist to please fans, but rather to re-energize the band’s own creativity. The songs are barely recognizable, but the willingness to experiment is inspiring. Read more.