Heavy Rotation

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nikki nack is the sound of a musician throwing every idea at the wall, seeing what sticks, and keeping it regardless of whether or not it’s something people expect. tUnE-yArDs’ new record is obsessively creative. Read more.

Wye Oak’s fourth album attempts to reinvent the group and send them in a different direction, and does so with reckless abandon. Shriek defies expectations, but might be the best Wye Oak record yet. Read more.

Dan Croll has the potential to be more than the sum of his influences, but right now, eh sounds like everything that’s cool on pop radio with a cool kid vibe. It’s not new, but it’s a ton of fun. Read more.

In the Valley Below’s debut EP is a success that recalls 80s synth pop without feeling like a throwback. Read more.

As quirky as the film with its own self-contained sense of humour, it’s difficult to dislike Fantastic Mr. Fox’s soundtrack. Read more.