The New Unsung Sundays

This week, we’re excited to finally reveal the next step for Unsung Sundays to the world. After quietly collecting several album reviews every week for a couple years, it became clear that our old Tumblr wasn’t going to be a great long-term home for us, and we were going to have to make our own solution.

This new website has a more powerful search function, better organizing and labels (you can now browse by genre, or easily view every article referencing a specific musician or band), and an all-new weekly email newsletter that’s totally rad. (Seriously, you should sign up and give it a shot.)

This is more than just a place for us to review records, though. We wanted Unsung to be a place we could share editorials, like our thoughts on the new Macklemore record, or our farewell to David Bowie. We also wanted a different context for lists, like our list of the best records of 2015, or our favourite Josh Homme records.

But most importantly, we wanted a place that reflected our love of music. The new Unsung Sundays is a love letter to music, a visual way to reflect the diverse genres and artists we love.

We’re still migrating much of our back catalogue of content from our Tumblr, so if you’re having trouble finding something, hang tight and it’ll be here soon. In the meantime, we hope you like the new website and are excited about our new vision for Unsung Sundays.