2017 State of the Union

This year, we want to double down on Unsung, and it means we’re going to be working hard on a lot of little stuff. We’re announcing the first change we’re making today.

A Brief Break

Unsung Sundays has been my baby for years. While freelancing at Wildfire Studios, I’ve been writing this magazine’s content, designing the website, and handling the publishing and promotion of this magazine every week. I got married last summer. While I was away, my friend and occasional collaborator Jesse Virgil wrote the magazine for nearly a […]

Opening Doors for Indie Artists

Unsung Sundays is going to be focusing on indie artists in new ways. Alongside the existing album reviews, features, interviews, and lists, we’re going to be investing heavily in new artists and trying to give the cream of the crop raised visibility in the industry.

The New Unsung Sundays

This week, we’re excited to finally reveal the next step for Unsung Sundays to the world.

Year One in Stats

How many albums were reviewed in year one? How many songs did we share? That and much more in a look back at the numbers behind our first year.

One Year of Unsung

Unsung Sundays launched one year prior to this issue’s release, and we used the opportunity to be honest about our numbers and share where we could grow our readership.

A New Format

For a brief period in time, Unsung Sundays reviewed only one album a week. Those album reviews — and this post — are now together as one issue in the archives.