Year One in Stats

Just over one year ago, I started Unsung Sundays as an experiment. I wanted to write about music that I listened to, and that my friends regularly asked me to share with them. Music algorithms, like the ones in iTunes, have gotten really bad recently, and I think it’s too hard to find out about good tunes. So Unsung was born. Today, it’s been more than 52 weeks of Unsung Sundays. That’s an entire year’s worth — in other words, a big catalogue of music. So I decided to count how much music I’ve recommended to you. In case you’re wondering, no, there was no fast way to do this. It was a huge, time-consuming process. That means it’s definitely not happening next year at this time, so enjoy it will it lasts! Here’s the past year of Unsung by the number:

  • 52 weeks (obviously)
  • 84 posts
  • 223 recommended records
  • 2,809 recommended songs (!!)
  • 2 special playlists (1 for Stanley Cup 2013 and 1 for Kanye West songs)
  • 1 guest post
  • 61 followers on Tumblr
  • 63 likes on Facebook
  • 15 followers on Twitter
  • 116 tweets
  • Countless hours listening to music and creating content.

Unsung Sundays has always been a passion project of mine, and that’s why I’m excited about the second year. I’m looking forward to sharing the next 3,000 songs.