The album art for We Are Match's Shores



We Are Match’s debut feels like a rock experiment in texture — one that might fail to attract a pop audience, but has a surprising amount of depth between the synth notes. If Modest Mouse was obsessed with blending electronic sounds into their riffs, they might sound like We Are Match.

I don’t know about you, but I roll my eyes every time I see a band shouting their name at me in caps lock — as is the case with We Are Match (I refuse to caps lock it in writing). But, to my surprise, this record is quite good.

These guys use a lot of electronic sounds and keyboards to make alternative music. And it sounds really good. These guys aren’t making dance records, but instead making the modern rock record: laced with beats and electronic sounds amidst the angst and dissatisfaction. We Are Match are new to the game, and I hope they stick around a while.